Professor Ripley Smith helps student Carolynn Telford in a communications class on a Tuesday afternoon at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn. Telford, a senior, enjoys Smith’s teaching style, though she’s only been his student for about a month. “I have known Smith for a few years,” Telford said. “He encourages group communication and interactive materials that make class much more engaging.” | Photo by Emily Rossing

Professor Ripley Smith and his student, Kate Larson, reflect on their research on the social support of people experiencing homelessness to pinpoint a trend in what creates community.

Emily Rossing, a biokinetics major and journalism minor, aspires to be a physician’s associate. | Photo by Molly Korzenowski
Assistant Hockey Coach Chris Carroll confers with head coach Charlie Burggraf during a close game to Augsburg in the Fogarty Ice Arena on October 28th, 2011. Carroll came into this season with six years of experience being the assistant coach of the Royals, with a total record of two winning seasons, three losing seasons, and one .500 season during that time. “Chris is an outstanding leader and coach,” said former teammate Steven Witkowski. | Photo by Andy Keuntis

Alumnus and Professor of Bethel University shares how his time at this school has shaped him.

Zion shares about herself on a video call during her class time at Maxfield elementary Wednesday morning. She talks about her love for drawing and how she’s exploring different styles of art. “I like drawing a lot,” Zion said. | Photo by Emily Rossing

Fifth-grade girl discovers her passions and talents

“Zion’s one of the best leaders in the class,” — Teacher, Elizabeth…

Some teens catch up doing a small group time at the Treehouse space in New Hope, MN in the fall. Normally, teens participate in large group activities at the Treehouse space, but are currently meeting in smaller groups of 2–5 to follow COVID-19 related guidelines. “It’s been a little bit more of just guiding the teens through these hard couple of months,” Taylor Martin said. “But it’s been a sweet season as well because they have the opportunity to kind of put into practice what they have been taught.” | Photo by Taylor Martin

Nonprofit organization Treehouse adapts to the challenges of the past year to serve their students.

After a long day, a group of Minnesota college students mingle in the home of one of their fellow group mates, after a ministry conference in Ames, IA on Feb. 22. The conference, called the Salt Conference, welcomed 150 students from Minnesota, and 3,000 others from around the nation, in Des Moines to listen to speakers and participate in group worship.

The group of students from several Minnesota colleges traveled three hours to Ames, Iowa to listen to spiritual speakers and connect with other college students around the nation

Emily Rossing

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